On this episode, your hosts Natasha & Stephany bring special guest Mikey Gems and talk their sh*! on: •The joint album with Nightswellspent •The inspiration behind it and music video experience •The common dream we all continue to have Trendies: •Jay Wilson a 29yr old has been slapped with 20 yrs in prison after setting fire to a women’s car AND home for rejecting his unwanted advances @hollywoodunlocked •A Japanese man was arrested for fraud after dating 35 women at the same time & telling them all a different birthday so he receive gifts regularly @spiritualworld •Steve Harvey doesn’t believe men and women can be genuine friends. He believes men will accept the friend zone but the moment they see an opportunity they will take it. Fun Facts: •Apanthropy is an aversion to spending time with other people; a love of solitude. •The average person spends 6 years of their life dreaming. Would You Rather: •sex on the beach or in a cave? •have sex with your best friends sibling or their ex? •win a grammy or 3 billion dollars? Tune in every Wednesdays for more!

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